Leaving WordPress.com Soon

Hello Good Peoples,

I wanted to make a quick post letting those of you that routinely like and check out my work that I’ll be leaving the WP.com format very soon.  I’m doing a bit more professional work now, and this WP.com format is lacking.  I’m doing all the web work myself, as I also design websites, so I look to make the move this week, next at the latest.  I should have done this awhile back, but I’m lazy and liked how simple this was to update/maintain.  I’m going to a similar format, but much cooler IMO.

I hope you all will continue to check me out and give me your thoughts on my work, I really do appreciate it.  The domain (deepfriedneil.com) is staying the same, and I’ll also have social media options, so you’ll still be able to check me out.  If it’s possible to incorporate this blog within the site, I’ll do that, but I don’t know that it can be done with how I’m setting it up, but we’ll see.

Thanks to everyone on here that follows me, gives feedback, and likes my work.  I hope you’ll continue to do so when the new site goes live soon 🙂


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300: We’ll Put Their Name to the Test

I realized I’ve never done any fan art for 300, unacceptable.  300 is by far my favorite movie, everything about it is awesome, but their bravery and willingness to fight for what they believe in is what makes it so special I think.  This is one of those movies where I walked out of the theater feeling invincible, like I could fight anyone and win lol.  Honestly, I’d pay full price to see this in 3D if they re-released it this weekend, it’ll be better than all that “remake every old film ever because we can’t think of anything new” garbage they’re doing now.  Anyway, here’s a pic I did from the battle with the Immortals.



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Tomb Raider Contest

DeviantArt.com was having a Tomb Raider contest, and since I ‘m a big fan of the game I decided to enter.  I wanted to play the game before I entered this contest, the problem was I waited too long after playing :(. Time got away from me, so I ended up doing this a few hours before bed the night before the contest ended. I wasn’t going to enter, but my daughter said I had to, she thought it would be cool if her dad won. I would have liked to have tweaked this a bit more, some small details. Anyway, here’s my take on the game (which is excellent BTW), much more emotional than any other TR game.

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Wonder Woman

Colored version of previous sketch.  Went with the cell shaded “no lines” style on this one.


Wonder Woman: Sketch

Ahh, Wonder Woman, one of my all-time favorite comic chicks.  “Injustice: Gods Among Us” comes out in April for the PS3, and I’ll be looking forward to using her, just as I did in MK VS DC.  It’s made by Ed Boon and his NetherRealm team, so it should be good.  Anyone else looking forward to it?  Drop me a note.

And yeah, I know, I forgot her lasso.  I’ll add it to her hip in the final version.


God of War: Throne Sketch

God of War.  I really thought I’d sketch the battle between Kratos and Ares from GOW, but as I finished the game and watched the final cut scene, I realized Kratos on his new throne epitomized what God of War is all about.  You just killed a God, took over his throne on Mt. Olympus and yet you’re still angry, unsatisfied, and still seeking vengeance…

I think this one will come together nicely when I ink it.


 God of War Ghost of Sparta up next.

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God of War: Chains of Olympus Sketch

God of War: Ascension comes out on March 12th and I’ve been playing some of the Beta on PSN, sweet stuff.  The Beta is over so I’m going through each GOW game in order, finishing the platinum on each game till March 12th.  I’m also gonna do a scene from each game, try to make in meaningful to the game.  Here’s Chains of Olympus…


 More to come soon.

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Black Dynamite!!!

I watched a few episodes of the new Black Dynamite toon on Adult Swim, I liked the style so I decided to check into it.  Whilst Googling it I found it was actually a feature film from 2009 starring Michael Jai White (how did I miss this?). I rented it, it’s HILARIOUS. I highly recommend it if you’re into spoofs and random humor, they did a great job with this movie.

Here’s a sketch I did of Black Dynamite then the finished digital version completed on my Wacom.

 2009 live action Black Dynamite trailer…

But Black Dynamite, I sell drugs to the community. LOL

Black Widow

After seeing my girl Scarlett play her in a few Marvel movies I knew had to draw a pic of her at one point.  I actually recycled the body/pose from a past character I did for a Flash toon back in the day that never officially got published.  Always nice to have things like that laying around 🙂

Black Widow

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Captain America

Prob my most favorite Super Hero growing up (Punisher was up there too).  There was something about the Red, White, and Blue suit and the fact that he crushed thugs with a shield instead of using a gun.   Classic Cap…

Captain America

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John Wayne

AMC has been playing lots of Westerns lately, it totally got me in the mood to draw John Wayne…

"The Duke"

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Commission Requests

Hey, how’s it goin.  It’s always good when you can do something you like doing and make a little money doing it.  The best part is I get to interact with you good people and draw things I normally wouldn’t have thought of, thus giving me more experience.  I’m not going to get rich off this, but like I said, it’s fun and every little bit helps out these days.  That being said, here’s the menu…

Head Shots

These have become my favorite recently.  Toonish type head shots of favorite characters.  Simple clean lines with a basic background that corresponds with the character.

  • $20
  • This isn’t a scene, just one head and a simple BG (unless the character has two heads by design, in which case you’d totally be pulling one over on me)
  • Full 8.5 x 11 inch 300 dpi digital image (.png format)
  • No sketch (rough draft), but reasonable minor changes can be added to image after you have received it

Full Body

Standard full body poses with all standard weapons/accessories the character may have.  Standard simple BG, no action scenes (this means the focus should be the character, not the BG).

  • $30
  • One character only.  If additional characters are wanted please note me and we’ll discuss a proper group rate based on your idea
  • Full 8.5 x 11 inch 300 dpi digital image (.png format)
  • Sketch of basic pose submitted before final work is started

Action Scene

This is something a little more in-depth and time consuming.  A full scene including one or more characters with a dynamic background.  Action Scene requests can be submitted to the link below and price will be based on design.


Please email me with any questions you may have.  I’m not a corporation or firm, so things can be negotiated.

  • All payments must be made through Paypal before work begins
  • Prices indicated are for private (non-commercial) commissions only. For commercial commissions, please contact me
  • No non-disclosure agreements (NDA) unless for commercial use
  • Character/concept design is available.  Please contact me for details

Send me a Email
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